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                  Artistic Director: Tim Norris

Drum Major: Tim Norris

The 35th annual "WE ARE FAMILY"  Parade will be Saturday, October 1 in Fort Worth. The OLB Pep Band will be performing, along with the Tarrant County Band and some of our friends from other area pride bands.

Important Dates:
  • Wednesday, September 28th, | 7:30PM - 9::30PM |

       Full OLB Pep Band Rehearsal

       Location: TBA

  • Saturday, October 1st, August 15th | 12:00PM - Until |


       Location:  Intersection of Main & 9th St. in Downtown Ft. Worth

Parade Route Map:fff



  • Red Oak Lawn Band 2016 – 2017 T-Shirt


  • White shorts (of a tasteful length, please!


  • White (at least primarily!

Marching Technique & Protocol:

The following whistle commands and vocal calls will be utilized during the parade. Whistle commands are instructions for movement; vocal calls alert performers to be ready for particular musical events.

Musical notation and instructions - Click here



  1. Attention:

    • (vocal) drum major chants "Band Ten Hut"; ensemble replies "gay pride" in the same tempo; body snaps to attention position on the word "pride"

  2. Step off:

    • (whistle) 2-count long=half note, 1 count short=quarter, 1 count=quarter rest; 4 short counts=4 quarter notes; left foot comes forward and steps on the first quarter note following the whistle

  3. Roll off call:

    • (whistle) 2 count long=half note, 1 count short=quarter note, 1 count=quarter rest; repeated. [May be called any time during drum cadence.]

  4. Halt:

    • (visual) Drum Major crosses arms overhead to which percussion plays his cadence



Safety Dance

We Are Family

Can’t Stop the Feeling

For sheet music & recordings Click Here!

                  Roll Off (called by drumline captain for benefit of drumline

                  Rochester (drum cadence) (called by drumline captain for benefit of drumline

                  Blank Canvas (drum cadence) (called by drumline captain for benefit of drumline)


NOTE: the music will be performed in this order: Firework, Safety Dance, We Are Family, Can’t Stop the Feeling

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