The purpose of the Lesbian and Gay Band Association is to promote LGBT music, visibility, and pride by:


  • Providing an international network of lesbian and gay bands in all stages of development;

  • Promoting music as a medium of communication among people;

  • Improving the quality of artistic and organizational aspects of member bands;

  • Stimulating public interest in the unique art form of community bands in our culture.

In 1980, 30 men stood on stage and sang at Holy Trinity Catholic Church. Now known as Turtle Creek Chorale (TCC), that group has grown to more than 160 dues-paying members who contribute over 100,000 hours annually to rehearsals, performances, and community outreach services.


TCC has provided musical journeys to audiences in Dallas, TX for over 35 years, and annually offers a dynamic mainstage concert series at the Dallas City Performance Hall in the Arts District.


TCC also features three smaller ensembles — Chamber Chorus, Camerata, and SoundBytes. Each group delivers a unique performance that highlights the members’ wealth of talent.

The Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps (ROTC) Dallas was founded in 2013 as a precision color guard to perform in Texas's Pride & Community Events.


Serving as a community band in Houston's gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community, the Houston Pride Band has several groups that perform at community events throughout the year as well as concerts and parades. We also provide a fun social experience for musicians.


The Houston Pride Band has a proud history spanning three decades. Originally known as the Montrose Marching Band, the organization was formed by a small group of musicians in 1978 as a way to make new friends and to provide entertainment for Houston's gay and lesbian community. Click here for an in-depth article on the band's history.


The Houston Pride Band is a member of the Lesbian and Gay Band Association (LGBA), a national musical organization made up of over twenty-five bands across the nation and around the world. With LGBA, members of the Houston Pride Band have been able to participate at every Gay Games, several Presidential Inaugurations, and conferences throughout the world.


The North Texas Performing Arts Association is a not-for-profit 501c3, performance arts organization. The North Texas Performing Arts Association is devoted to providing its members opportunities to develop self-confidence, team work, responsibility, and commitment through the performing arts experience known as winter guard.


An organization over 22 years strong, Black Gold originated in the 1980's as a local Drum and Bugle Corps located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In 1993 a winter competition unit was formed. In 2003, Black Gold was relocated to the North Texas area, but remained true to its roots by fielding the competitive unit with members from the Tulsa area.


Black Gold received their first Winter Guard International (WGI) finalist place in 1997. In 2009, Black Gold achieved their World Class status and in 2010 the North Texas Performing Arts Association introduced the newest addition to their organization White Gold, who was the 2011 WGI Independent A Class Bronze Medalist. Sadly the North Texas Performing Arts Association folded White Gold in 2014 to focus their efforts more on Black Gold.


Black Gold competes locally as part of the North Texas Color Guard Association (NTCA) Circuit and nationally as part of Winter Guard International. The North Texas Performing Arts Association also takes pride and responsibility in instructing the NTCA Scholarship Clinic.

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